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With our state of the art equipment, we can custom fabricate non- illuminated dimensional letters for your reception area, hallway, meeting room and any exterior application. Custom dimensional lettering and graphics will give your business a professional and upscale appearance.

If you are looking for illuminated letters, please see our section on channel letters.

Dimensional letters are one of the most popular choices for building signs and reception area signs. The letters are cut from a solid piece of material which can vary color, depth and materials such as plastic, acrylic or metal. Your Sign Pro will take into consideration the design of your interior or exterior space and make suggestions for the best possible solution that fits your budget.

Acrylic letters are typically smooth and shiney and used for interior applications. These letters are cut either on a laser printer or a router table.

Plastic letters are less shiney than acrylic letters and work for either indoor or outdoor use.

Combination– Acrylic or plastic with metal laminate faces. These letters are popular because they look very upscale yet and less expensive than solid or cast metal letters.

Metal letters are a strong and permanent solution for your sign choice. Metal letters can be flat metal or cast depending on the use. We can produce aluminum, bronze, brass or muntz metal, cast. They also tend to be heavier and more expensive than acrylic or plastic.

Non-illuminated dimensional letters create interest and impact for company identification.  Advantage Graphics and Signs is here to help you make the best impression.

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